Welcome Back!

How are we possibly back already? It feels like I was just taking my finals last year! Actually, it feels like I was just a freshman moving into the dorms, and here I am handing in my application for graduation in the spring! WOW time does fly when you are having fun. So here we are again, preparing for a new semester. Syllabus week is over and I find my classmates (myself included) have lost their enthusiasm. I always find myself so excited the first week, new classes, new people and endless possibilities. Now that we are a week into things I lost that spark, reality hit and I have so much work that the end of the tunnel seems so far away. I just think the best thing to do is lot focus on today, and my current tasks at hand. Don’t worry too much about getting to the end of the semester because before you know it you will be a senior too! 


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