Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Well.. here we are in April.

I can’t believe how time flown! I guess they are right when they say time flies when you are having fun. I have registered my classes for my last fall semester here. I can’t believe I am going to be a senior! It’s scary. I think if I could give any advice to future students or even current ones is take ALL your classes seriously. Those easy classes and prereqs can really boost your GPA and help you out in your harder classes. I wish I took freshman and sophomore year more seriously because I wouldn’t have to work this much extra hard now. The other thing I would advise future and current students is to have fun, it’s really true that college is supposed to be the time of your life, so get your work done and then have fun because before you know it you too will be heading into your Senior year wondering where the time went. Staying organized is the key so you can pace yourself and find a way to have time for homework and still hang out with your friends and do fun things! You don’t want to have to turn down an opportunity to do something fun because you have to cram to get a paper done, trust me I have been there it’s no fun. Don’t fall behind, stay ahead of the game so that you can take every opportunity that comes your way! (:




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